9. Athletes' Catering

Green-drink and some fruits will be available to all athletes in the warm-up area.

Lunch will be provided by Danubius Hotel Arena at the hotel.

Smoked herring fillet on a bed of iceberg lettuce 4,5 170kcal
Carrot salat with honey, sultanas and toasted walnuts 10 220kcal
Salad bar: tomato, cucumber (peeled), sweetcorn, 2 varieties of lettuce, 2 types of dressing (yoghurt, balsamic) toasted seeds
Chicken ragout soup with coconut milk  1,2,7  280kcal
Grilled pork medallions with vegetables 1 190kcal
Barbecued pullet breast, fried beetroot dressed with balsamic vinegar 2,13 180kcal
Beef and vegetable ragout 1,2 220kcal
Braised wild salmon fillet with lemon pepper 5 120kcal
Spaghetti, and whole-grain spaghetti 2,4 620kcal
Bolognese sauce 1 220kcal
French fries  360kcal
Coloured rice 1,7 280kcal
Steamed, deep fried vegetable mix 1,2,4,7  240kcal
Apple slice 2,4,7,10,11, 350kcal
Fruit bread 2,4,7,10,11,  400kcal
Gluten-free black cherry cake 4,7,10,11, 330kcal
Fruit 50kcal